A Just Transition: A Fair Pathway to Protect the Climate

Source: ITUC Website on Climate Change

Addressing global climate change is critical to the economic, social and environmental interest of all peoples of the world. Ambitious mitigation action is fundamental if we want to leave our children a sustainable world and a chance for social and development goals to be achieved. These actions must be fairly shared and distributed between and within countries: responsibility and capacity must be the guiding principles for burden sharing. A just transition towards a low carbon economy is possible, and can make climate action a driver for sustainable economic growth and social progress.

We need to transform the economy; we therefore ask for a process aimed at transforming every economic sector into a sustainable one. The international trade union movement is committed to supporting ambitious actions aimed at combating climate change while shifting growth towards a truly sustainable development, where social welfare and broader environmental challenges are also addressed. Just transition is a tool the trade union movement shares with the international community, aimed at smoothing the shift towards a more sustainable society and providing hope for the capacity of a “green economy”to sustain decent jobs and livelihoods for all.

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