Action in support of Cambodian garment workers' strike at Hong Kong owned factories


Over 200,000 garment workers in Cambodia went on strike from 13th to 16th of September, demanding an increase in the minimum wage to US$93 per month. Yet employers and the manufacturers association opposed their demand, and accused the unions of launching an illegal strike.

Several Hong Kong owned companies located in Kandal Province, Cambodia, including River Rich Textile Limited, Winner Knitting Factory Ltd. and Goldfame Enterprises Int’l Knitters Ltd., terminated the contracts of several dozens union representatives on account of their participation in the strike. So far, 94 union representatives have been suspended; in addition 683 workers have been

dismissed for protesting the suspension, and for ignoring the court order to resume work in 48 hours, issued after the employers filed an application to the court.

This is not the first time Hong Kong-owned garment factories in Cambodia exercised union busting. In 2006, River Rich Textile Ltd dismissed numerous union representatives and activists; under local and international pressure, the company finally signed a multilateral agreement in mid-2007, reinstating the workers.


To support the Cambodian garment workers' strike at Hong Kong owned factories, and to protest against the suppression of labour unions by the employers, we suggest Hong Kong labour NGOs and unions to stage a demonstration at the Kwai Chung office of the mother company of the aforementioned Hong Kong garment enterprises -- AddChance Holdings Ltd. (stock code 3344), on 8th November (one day prior to Cambodia's Independence Day).

We demand:

1. that the suspended workers be reinstated

2. that the factories concerned stop such union busting immediately

3. that negotiation with union representatives be initiated as soon as possible

Date (TBC): 08/11 (Mon)

Time (TBC): 2pm

Venue (TBC): Kwai Fong MTR station exit A