The Shame of Disney Series: Runaway Factory of Disney supplier

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In June 2015, Mizutani (Shenzhen) Factory Co. Ltd, which mainly manufactured stuffed toys for Tokyo Disney, suddenly announced closure of the company and relocated to its branch factory in the Philippines in order to cut costs and maximize its profit. 196 Mizutani workers lost their jobs, and the factory still owed them severance payment, pension funds and housing provident funds.

In the past two months, Disney has shuffled off the responsibility to rectify the misconducts of Mizutani Factory. Therefore, whilst Disneyland is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary in Hong Kong, the Mizutani workers came to Hong Kong to speak up how they were wrongfully dismissed by Disney’s supplier and urge Disney to compensate.
It is a shame that Disney has long taken advantage of their suppliers and the sweat and blood of numerous workers for its huge profits. “Solidarity Front for Mizutani Workers”, which consists of DC Labour Rights, formed by international students in Hong Kong, and several Hong Kong Labour NGOs, are going to protest against Disney. We invite all to participate in this protest!
Date: September, 11th, 2015
Time: 10:30am-4:00pm 
Venue: the archway of Hong Kong Disneyland
Dress Code: Black or Blue
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