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Coca-Cola workers win job demands

Strikers end action as company agrees to look at hours and not outsource deliveries Some 300 striking delivery workers at the Coca-Cola factory in Sha Tin went back to work yesterday after the company's management agreed to their demands following hours of talks about work conditions overnight.

May Day marches draw thousands with Hong Kong dock strikers leading the charge

 HK dockworkers’ strike enters its 40th days. On May 6th 80 dockworkers joined the strikers

Interview with Stephen Chan, Hong Kong Dock Worker

    Sanjay Garla

Hong Kong Dockworkers strike continues into 4th week despite management attacks.

  Bai Ruixue and Au Loong yu[1] 24th April 2013 The strike by around 450 dockworkers at Hong Kong International Terminals (HIT) to demand for higher wages, which began almost one month ago, continues into its fourth week as management still refuse to offer the workers the pay that they demand. The workers, who earn less today than they did in 1995, are asking for a pay rise of 23% an amount which does not even bring their wages back in line with what they were paid 18 years ago if inflation is also taken into account. The dockworkers wages have fallen since outsourcing was introduced. Their employers have only so far offered a wage rise of just 5% plus 2% rise in fringe benefits however.

Consolidated Case of the Strike in HIT

Hong Kong Dockworkers Strike Attracts Huge Solidarity

April 12, 2013 / Ellen David Friedman
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