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Taiwan: Young Fast accepts fines for labor violation

Source: The China Post, 13 April 2010. TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Young Fast Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of small to medium-sized touch panel sensor (TPS) products, promised yesterday to review and improve employment policies after being accused of violating labor regulations. Led by labor unions, company employees staged protests accusing the management of assigning students hired by the company to the night shift and forcing them to work more than eight hours per day.

(This article is only written in Chinese)

(This article is only written in Chinese.)  

A Condemnation of CLA’s Policy Delay and Arrogance of Power in Resolution Making

Dragging On and On, HSWs under No Legal Protection! Changing Forever, CLA Tramples upon the Migrant Rights! A Statement by MENT 2009/08/26 The migrant household service workers (HSWs) have been introduced [to Taiwan] for 17 years, and the legal protection is still beyond the reach of these orphans of labor-right!

Taiwan Nien Hsing factory danger to African children

Nothing grows here in the shadows. There is only desolation in the tired soil at Paballo Marumo’s cracked and filthy feet. Her shoes, the thin plastic sandals worn by children across the townships of southern Africa, are gone. “Stolen!” she tells me in her language, Sesotho. At eight years old she sits hopelessly at the bottom of the rubbish dump hierarchy.

TSMC May Become Taiwan`s 1st Hi-tech Firm With a Labor Union

Taipei, Aug. 4, 2009 (CENS)--Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), the world`s leading contract IC maker, may become the first hi-tech company in Taiwan with a labor union. Over 30 TSMC employees have expressed their willingness to organize a labor union via a website, dubbed `the association of labor rights of science park," set up by the Labor Party.

(Written in Chinese only)

(Written in Chinese only)

Asian garment workers demand a Floor Wage

Today, most of the world’s garments are made in Asia. Yet Asian workers are paid the least. All garment workers in Asia need a wage increase. But often, when workers struggle to improve their wages and conditions in one country, companies relocate to another country, where wages and conditions are lower. So workers are afraid to fight for better wages and conditions, because they might lose their jobs. The Asia Floor Wage Campaign is a response to this problem. We propose a regional floor wage for all garment workers in Asia.

Petition for a Reduced Sentence for the Injured Worker Liu Hanghuang on Humanitarian Grounds

Sign the petition: On 16 June 2009, Liu Hanghuang, a factory worker in Dongguan, fatally stabbed two of his Taiwanese employers and left a third critically injured. This is definitely an unbearable tragedy for both sides, especially an irreparable regret for the family of the Taiwanese businessmen.

Report on Huawei's Handling of the Wintek CSR Event

Huawei has always been attaching great importance to the social responsibility of its suppliers and partners and insisting on purchasing goods based on business ethics unswervingly. According to international standards, such as SA8000, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001, Huawei has issued the Sourcing with Social Accountability to all its suppliers. All the suppliers of Huawei are required to observe the rules specified in the preceding procurement guide.
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