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Taiwan seeks China's help over murders of Taiwanese businessmen

Taipei, June 16 (Central News Agency, Taiwan) The semi-official Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) said Tuesday that it had contacted its Chinese counterpart to help in issues relating to the death of two Taiwanese businessmen murdered by a Chinese man a day earlier in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. Chen Jung-yuan, director of the SEF's trade and commerce department, said it sent a letter on Monday to the Beijing-based Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS) asking for its assistance in dealing with the murders after the news reached Taipei from Donguan's Dalang township.

劉庸:兩岸合作 救救勞工

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Worker's murder of Taiwan managers stirs concern

The mainland's Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, the Cabinet, said Wednesday that it was "highly concerned" about a mainland worker's murder of two factory employers from Taiwan. On June 15, Liu Hanhuang, a worker at the Zhan Ming Hardware Producing Factory in Dongguan City of south China's Guangdong Province, quarreled with three Taiwan managers over compensation for a work accident. He then killed two and severely injured one.

從非正式網絡朝向正式組織 集結前階段的社工工會籌備小組

作者: 蔡志杰(苦勞網特約記者) 今年2月5日,社工工會籌備小組(以下簡稱「籌備小組」)發起要求「勞基法擴大適用於社會團體」的網路連署活動。不久之後的3月11日,行政院勞委會公告,社會團體受雇者自5月1日起適用勞基法。雖然達成階段性目標,在勞委會公告的同一天,社工工會籌備小組亦發出新聞稿,持續要求全體社工及一切勞雇關係一體納入勞基法!

反歧視、要平等 國際勞工上街遊行

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