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Visiting Bayer Workers in Leverkusen

 Editor notes: This is a report on a Chinese activist visiting Bayer workers in Leverkusen, Germany. The city is the location of the giant company Bayer, and because of this it was heavily polluted since its founding in the 19th century. After a tour to the gate of the company the reporter was taken to a small labor centre to meet with Bayer workers there. The latter waged a struggle against the employer's attempt in sacking them. The report is available in Chinese only.

Protesters Killed as Bangladeshi Garment Workers Demand Wages

Source: End Human Trafficking by Amanda Kloer December 14, 2010 01:30 PM (PT)

A visit to the Soziales Zenbrum, Bochum

On October 12, A Chinese delegation visited the Soziales Zenbrum in Bochum, which is run by left wing activists to help unemployed workers. This article is only available in Chinese.

The Tokyo Labor Rights Bus

Au Loong Yu

Inside the Millbank Tower riots

Source: New Statesman   Posted by Laurie Penny - 11 November 2010 11:41 "This is scary but not as scary as what's happening to our future."

Trade unions plan student coalition to fight public spending cuts

Big turnout at student anti-fees protest emboldens TUC leadership to plan wider campaign against government cuts By Matthew Taylor and Adam GabbattSource:, Friday 12 November 2010 19.03 GMT

Austerity on steroids

Source:  24 Novermber 2010 The economic unraveling of Ireland highlights the severity of the financial crisis--and the increasingly severe government cutbacks that will be used to pay for it.

GM workers protest low-wage small-car plant

Source: Reuters By Kevin Krolicki  DETROIT | Sun Oct 17, 2010 3:27am IST About 100 General Motors Co workers and retirees picketed outside the United Auto Workers union's headquarters on Saturday to protest plans to build a new small car with low-wage workers.

Solidarity Letter to CCAWDU and the garment workers in strike in Cambodia

We, the ATNC Monitoring Network and the undersigned organizations and trade unions from Hong Kong and from other Asian countries, are deeply moved by the brave actions taken by the garment workers and CCAWDU since September. We are impressed to see more than 200,000 garment workers taking part in the strikes in September to protest against the shameful rise of USD5 in the minimum wage negotiation reviewed since 4 years ago. The strike is probably the biggest in the industrial history of Cambodia.

Statement of solidarity with Cambodian garment workers; condemnation of UN-fair Labor Association and UN-fair employers

Statement On September 13-17, 2010, over 200,000 garment workers in Cambodia bravely exercised their fundamental and constitutional right to strike in defense of their working conditions. The steps taken by the workers were peaceful and in accordance with correct legal procedure.
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