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Interview with H.Mahadevan, All India Trade Union Congress

Q: Is AITUC affiliated with any political party? A: No, AITUC is not affiliated with any political party within India. We are a leftist trade union, only affiliated with the global union federation, World Federation of Trade Unions. AITUC is the first national trade union of India. We were established in 1920, and through 1947 AITUC remained the only national trade union federation.

Italian autoworkers strike over plant closings

By Martha GrevattSource: Workers' World. Jan 7, 2010 In December a two-day strike halted production at the FIAT automobile assembly plant in Termini Imerese, near Palermo, in Sicily. Workers were protesting FIAT’s plans to shut down the plant, which employs 1,400 workers, this year. As of Jan. 3 the Termini Imarese workers are on temporary layoff until Jan. 7.

Green jobs can hurt just the same

Source: Green Jobs, Safe Jobs Green jobs can be indistinguishable from their traditional counterparts, particularly if you are on the receiving end of bad management, as injured workers can attest. Unite member Stanley Gibbons, 66, a fitter working for a metals recycling firm, was left with a damaged left shoulder after being forced to carry out heavy manual work despite warning his employer he suffered from a frozen shoulder, a condition which leaves the shoulder painful and stiff.

How green was my Vestas share dividend?: a summary of issues in the campaign

Source: Save Vestas Jobs! Save the Planet Vestas claim they are ‘Number 1. in Modern Energy’, and indeed are responsible for developing and installing much of the world’s wind/renewable energy. However, they’ve shown their true colours (not so ‘green’ after all) this summer – through closing their St. Cross Business Park, Dodnor Lane, Newport, Isle of Wight factory, leading to the loss of 600 jobs. Unions were banned & working conditions deteriorating prior to closure, & 11 workers who occupied the factory to save it have been paid no redundancy. There will be a long-term campaign as a result. Will it effect Vestas’ share price? Watch This Space.

Interview with Polish Vestas occupier “We will fight on”

Source: Socialist World (UK). Below we publish a slightly edited version of an interview conducted with Sebastian Sikora, a Polish worker involved in the courageous occupation of Vestas wind Turbine factory, on the Isle of Wight in Britain, by Kacper Pluta, from GPR (CWI in Poland). These workers are continuing their fight for jobs and workers’ rights, despite the ending of their occupation.

A Just Transition: A Fair Pathway to Protect the Climate

Source: ITUC Website on Climate Change Addressing global climate change is critical to the economic, social and environmental interest of all peoples of the world. Ambitious mitigation action is fundamental if we want to leave our children a sustainable world and a chance for social and development goals to be achieved. These actions must be fairly shared and distributed between and within countries: responsibility and capacity must be the guiding principles for burden sharing. A just transition towards a low carbon economy is possible, and can make climate action a driver for sustainable economic growth and social progress.

(This article is only written in Chinese)

(This article is only written in Chinese)
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