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Chinese Investments in Africa: Opportunity or Threat for Workers?

This report is against this background that the China-Africa Summit of November 2006 and China’s renewed interest in Africa have to be understood. China is essentially interested in natural resources and raw materials and offers investments in roads, railways and infrastructure. The deals concluded during the China-Africa summit are worth US$ 1,9 billion and include an aluminium plant in Egypt; a highway in Nigeria; a rural telephone network in Ghana; a copper project in Zambia and a ferrochrome smelter in South Africa.

Will Workers Be Left Behind in a Green Transition?

[Editor's note: "Will Workers be Left Behind in the Green Transition?" is originally published at We think this piece is a must read for trade unionists, environmentalists and others struggling to address the impacts of the climate crisis on workers around the world.  Joe is the former secretary-treasurer of the AFL-CIO's Industrial Union Department and former

Labour groups call on Apple to stop accepting "exploitative" practices of its suppliers

Taiwancorpwatch Yesterday morning(21/5), the Taipei-based National Federation of Independent Trade Unions (全國自主勞工聯盟) and eleven other labour rights organizations (see below) protested outside the offices of Apple Computer in Taipei against the exploitation of workers in Taiwan and China by Apple's major flat-panel supplier Wintek.

Statement of Anticapitalist European left conference

It's not for people and workers to pay for the crisis, the capitalists should pay! April 3, 2009, Strasbourg The next European elections will be held during the worst crisis capitalism has known since 1929. Economic, social, financial, banking, food, climatic, it is a global, general crisis. Once again, the ruling classes want to make workers and peoples pay for the crisis. Governments have given hundreds of billions to banks but at the same time millions of layoffs fall on employees. Unemployment is going through the roof. The purchasing power of wages is falling. The destruction of public services continues.


Protest against Apple Computer Taiwan Time: 21 May 2009 (Thursday) AM10: 00 (about 60 people)Place: Apple Computer Taiwan (No.333, Sec. 2, Dunhua S. Rd., Da-an Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan)Contact: Chu Wei-Li (0981-238-732)English Contact: Torrent Pien(

Regulated burden-sharing ?

Wolfgang Schaumberg on the global strategy of the DGB and the IGMleadership

Greenwashing the Shipbreaking Industry

On May 11-15, the International Maritime Organization, the global body in charge of ships and navigation, will be coming to Hong Kong to unveil a treaty that will legalize the dangerous practice of breaking ships on the beach.

Ex-WINTEK Workers Joined in Protest of Poor Working Condition

To sign the petition online, go to: If you are holding an iPhone or an HTC in your hand, you might have contributed to the ordeals of nearly 8,000 factory workers in China and Taiwan, to speak of the least.
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