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Will Workers Be Left Behind in a Green Transition?

[Editor's note: "Will Workers be Left Behind in the Green Transition?" is originally published at TheNation.com. We think this piece is a must read for trade unionists, environmentalists and others struggling to address the impacts of the climate crisis on workers around the world.  Joe is the former secretary-treasurer of the AFL-CIO's Industrial Union Department and former

Greenwashing the Shipbreaking Industry

On May 11-15, the International Maritime Organization, the global body in charge of ships and navigation, will be coming to Hong Kong to unveil a treaty that will legalize the dangerous practice of breaking ships on the beach.


李民騏 聯合國政府間氣候變化專門委員會(IPCC)2007年評估報告證實人類活動(通過使用化石燃料和土地開發等方式)確實對工業革命之後的全球暖化負有責任。在現在的經濟和社會趨勢下,世界正步向前所未有的生態災難。1 IPCC所發佈的一些新的證據顯示,氣候變遷越來越快,其潛在影響很可能遠較IPCC報告預期更為糟糕。
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