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Free Wu Guijun, Defend the Worker’s Right to Strike! Please Co-sign and Support!

To Mr. Xu Qin, Mayor of Shenzhen City, Mrs. Luoli, President of the municipal federation in Shenzhen We are writing to ask the Mayor of Shenzhen City and the municipal federation in Shenzhen to step in and give assistance in cases of Wu Guijun from Diweixin Product Factory in which worker are criminalized for the industrial actions they took to claim their labour rights. Wu was arrested by unknown reason more than 130 days! Illegal detention of WU Guijun for more than a hundred days On 23 May Wu Guijun and nearly 200 workers from Diweixin Product Factory located in Shenzhen were arrested by the anti-riot police on the way to petition the Shiyan district government. They were asking the government to intervene in the one-month long severance negotiation with their employer which was closing down business for relocation from its Shenzhen plant to Huizhou city. Few days after the arrest, the factory management terminated the negotiation with the workers and sacked all the representatives including Wu Guijun. Since his detention on 23 May, Wu was denied free access to his lawyer and family. He is likely to be criminalized and charged by the public security for “assembling a crowd to disturb public order”. Free Wu Guijun! We regret to find that in this case, Wu and other worker leaders were alone in their struggle without receiving support from the trade union. We are concerned that industrial actions taken by workers for claiming their legal rights were put under criminal detention and charged. Although strike is not protected in the domestic laws, freedom of assembly is protected in the PRC Constitution. Our demands: 1. Defend the Worker’s Right to Strike! 2. Protect the Worker leader in the Strike! 3. Urge to give pressure to the government for the release of Mr. Wu and provide all the needed assistance to Mr. Wu and his family. CC to : Mr. Huang yebin, Chairman of the Guangdong Provincial Federation of Trade Unions Mr. Zhu xiaodan, the Governor of Guangdong Province Contact:FUNG +852 64820109 (HK); +86 14716140109 (China) By Globalization Monitor、Asia Monitor Resource Centre

Shenzhen's Yantian container terminal stages two-day wildcat strike

HUNDREDS of workers of the Yantian International Container Terminal (YICT) went on a strike on September 1 and 2 to petition for more pay, Shenzhen Economic Daily reports. The strike halted operations at the terminal and caused a long queue of container trucks waiting to go into the terminal that was extended from the terminal gates to the highway.

Workers at an Auto Spare Parts Company in Yantai City Strike to Demand Re-election of Workplace Union

  The Chinese report was compiled by the workers.   The company is called Yantai Dongxing Pipeline Co. Ltd. According to its website, it is a Sino-foreign joint venture. (see: According to the workers’ report, it manufactured spare parts for Honda and BMW.

Chinese Workers Kidnap Factory Executives

Deadly China poultry fire highlights need for independent trade unions

07-06-2013 IUF - Uniting Food, Farm and Hotel Workers World-Wide

China Probes Poultry Plant Fire Amid Uproar Over Safety


A More Democratic Foxconn? No One Told the Workers

  By Michelle Chen

7000 workers at Motorola’s Tianjin plant go on strike.

    Video on workers participating a meeting:
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