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“Down with Corruption, Reclaim Our Land” ---Hong Kong Calling for worldwide support for Wukan’s fight for democracy

    The following is the petition from several Hong Kong NGOs to support Wukan’s struggle. Please enter the link and sign:

Anger rise after BYD’s harsh layoff

Anger rise after BYD’s harsh layoff   26-9-2011 About 300 retrenched BYD employees have signed up, and elected representatives, and hire a lawyer to defend their rights. Today some protesters were beaten by the security guards, and got hurt. The workers, escorted by colleagues were sent to hospital. The actual situation is still need to be confirmed. Some were stuck on the ground and could not move. They were then carried away by ambulance.   BYD Sales employees protested against BYD’s harsh layoffs and demand compensation. According to news from weibo, around fifty laid off BYD sales workers openly protested in front of BYD’s office building in PingShan Industrial Zone, Shenzhen. They blamed that BYD for forcing them to quit their job by shifting them to work in other unrelated work positions in other division. The protesters were violently bitten up by a group of security guards and their banners were seized. In the conflict, some workers were injured and sent to hospital.  

Brick kilns enslaving disabled workers

Brick kilns enslaving disabled workers China Daily, September 6, 2011   A number of illegal brick kilns in Central China's Henan province have enslaved and abused mentally disabled workers, local media reported on Sunday.  

Rural Survey 2008-2010

Rural Survey 2008-2010 This is a survey conducted by the China Labor Study Group and published by Globalization Monitor. In three consecutive year from 2008-2010, the China Labor Study Group trained dozens of rural migrant workers, who were returning home for the Chinese new year holiday, so that they could conduct interviews with their fellow villagers. The themes of each year’s survey were as follows:
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