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Violence in Zengcheng, Guangzhou escalates

Jun - 12 | By: jefflee Source from: June 12, the large scale conflict between the police and citizens, in Xintang Town (新唐鎮), Zengcheng City (增城市), Guangzhou (廣州), continued escalating into more violence. Over ten thousands of citizens blocked No. 107 National Road and marched from Dadun Village (大墩村) to Xintang Town’s government building. Along the way, the shops were smashed, private automobiles were overturned, and some dozens of police cars were set alight. There were also rumors saying several people have died in the incident. Regarding this riot, four leading website portals in China (Sina, Tencent , Netease, and Sohu) also made reports, but said that it was an incident that some artful rascals gathered a group of people to make trouble. The municipal committee and government of Guangzhou city have given a lot of attention and taken good measures to solve the incident effectively. And there was no casualty reported. The website portals explained the cause of the incident was that on June 10, a pregnant woman took roadside to peddle her products blocking the passageway, so Dadun Village’s chengguan officers (also called the village’s public order department officers online) advised her to move away, which however resulted in a conflict. To mediate the conflict, Xintang government immediately sent the leaders and police there, and both sides have reconciled. But when the pregnant woman was being held to the ambulance to receive the treatment by her husband, some rascals stopped it and made trouble. It caused many passers by to gather, and some of citizens created a disturbance by blocking and smashing vehicles. In order to prevent the incident from escalating, the municipal committee and government of Guangzhou city soon reacted to handle it too. Though the incident has been calmed down for a while, there were still protesters that gathered in Dadun village to obstruct the traffic and destroy vehicles, ignoring the good advices from the village’s relevant departments. Later the police authority was forced to sent more police vehicles to take stronger measures and solved the incident effectively. The pregnant woman had no injury according to the hospital report after diagnosing.

Foxconn explosion death toll rises; iPad 2 output possibly affected by disaster By: Andrew Couts  •May 23, 2011 The number of Foxconn workers killed by the explosion at the company's factory in Chengdu, China, on Friday has risen to three. Production of Apple's iPad 2 may be affected by the deadly accident. Another person has died as a result of the explosion that rocked the Foxconn plant in Chengdu, China, on Friday. This brings the total number killed by the catastrophe to three, according to a press release published on All Things D. Fifteen other workers were injured in the accident, six of whom received medical treatment, and were released from the hospital, the company said. While the “cause of this tragic accident is still being investigated by a joint investigation task force led by government officials and law enforcement authorities,” the Foxconn press release states, initial findings indicate that the accident “was caused by an explosion of combustible dust in a duct.” “Workers told us that the polishing department windows were shut and there was aluminum dust floating in the air,” said Cheng Yi Yi of the Hong Kong-based Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior, who spoke with the Los Angeles Times. “The facility wasn’t even completed. There were prime conditions for an accident.”

Dismissed workers in central China stage protest over severance pay

Shanghai fuel protests unnerve Beijing

By Leslie Hook in Beijing Financial Times Published: April 22 2011 13:29 | Last updated: April 22 2011 19:54 Chinese authorities were locked in negotiations on Friday with striking truckers who have besieged the country’s largest port, in a bid to prevent the unrest from spreading to other cities. Truck drivers at the Shanghai port of Baoshan are demanding relief from rising fuel costs and port fees, in a rare industrial action that will reinforce government fears about the destabilising impact of rising prices.

Collective bargain wins another pay increase of 611 RMB for Nanhai Honda workers who went on strike last year

 Editor notes: This Chinese article reports on the collective bargaining process at Honda Auto Parts Manufacturing Co Ltd in Foshan city of Guandong province.  Collective bargaining

Wages in Honda Raised by RMB611 after Collective Bargaining

 ITUC/GUF Hong Kong Liaison Office (China Labor Net notes: On March 2, 2011, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported on the result of the collective bargaining between the workplace union and the management of Honda Nanhai. This IHLO report seems mostly based on the Chinese report.)

Railway Workers at Heilongjiang City demand Re-election of Workplace Union to Resist Downsizing

 Editor notes: It has been official policy in China to downsize the number of railway employees. In Heilongjiang City, a north east Chinese city, the local railway bureau forced workers to sign a blank contract so that the adminstration can fill in the blank with whatever conditions they like as a step to large scale dismissal.

Full description for Limp Pigs

 If the Beijing Olympics convinced you China is changing...think on this If it was, would China's media police have tried to airbrush from existence every less-than complimentary reference to the Olympic facilities? If it was, would the government have introduced transparency legislation then ban the press from writing about it? If it was, would China have asked the author to help turn its propaganda machine into respected news agency then ignore all transformation advice? Seven years of broken promises and mental torture at the hands of the masters of the machine left Mark Newham seeking psychiatric help. Eventually he fled, convinced the system is in need of similar treatment. To those taken in by the great Changing China deception, he says this. Don't believe everything you read about China. Change in the People's Republic is the equivalent of turning your underpants inside out. It might look like they've been changed but they're still the same pair of underpants.
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