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China police stop spread of Egypt news: activist

 (AFP) – 2 days ago BEIJING — Police in southwest China have barred activists from distributing leaflets about anti-government protests in Egypt and Tunisia, deeming the news too sensitive, one dissident said Wednesday. Activists in Guizhou province tried to hand out information about the demonstrations over the weekend, but police told them this was an "unusual period" and gave them 3,000 yuan ($450) to stop, Chen Xi told AFP.

Police in China shoot workers protesting over back pay

Hong Kong, Jan 19 (Kyodo) Police in southern China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region shot five people during a protest over unpaid wages over the weekend, a human rights watchdog said today.

Silicosis victims arrested during protest

On December 2, 2010, 300 suspected silicosis victims from a ceramic factory in Foshan, Guangdong province demostrated in the city centre to protest the company's failure in taking responsibility for their grievances. Twenty of them were arrested. It was reported that in coal mining industry alone 6000 workers died from silicosis every year. The report only available in Chinese.  

Workers of Guangzhou INPEX Metal Product Company Limited call for support from Japaneset Trade Union

To comrades in the Japanese union, We are workers of the Guangzhou INPEX Metal Product Company Limited taking part in a strike since October 20th against the illegal practice of the company. The INPEX Metal Product Company is a Japanese owned company which was set up on December 12th 2007. (By AMRC: Background information on the company can be found on its website: )

A new retail and merchandise trade union established in GuangZhou

(Chinese Version Only)

No Trial For Labor Activist

2010-09-08   China holds a labor activist for more than a year without trial.   HONG KONG—Shaanxi-based labor activist Zhao Dongmin is still being held without any sign of movement towards a trial, and court officials denied him permission to see his wife before she died of illness, his relatives said.   Zhao was detained more than a year ago on charges of disrupting public order after he applied to set up an independent trade union representing more than 300 workers in more than 20 companies.

We Condemn Violence against Workers' Representatives---An Open Letter by Gold Peak (GP) Battery Workers

  Since August 16th 2010, over a hundred GP ex-workers who suffered from excessive levels of Cadmium had started to negotiate with GP in Huizhou. However, GP ignored the workers’ demands and made no concessions.    August 24th 2010, over a hundred workers protested outside GP’s factory in Huizhou.  On the same day, at around 11: 30 pm, several workers representatives were surrounded and beaten up by about 300 mobs whose identities were unknown.  The injured workers include Zhang Xiaoqin, Tan Xiaoqiong, Xian Fang, Yu Shaolan, and Yang Xiaohong.  Yu Shaolan was seriously injured, so as Yu shaoian and Xian Fang, and they are all hospitalized at this moment. After the incident, GP refused to pay for the medical expenses. The workers had to raise fund among themselves in order to pay for the hospital bills.  

Strike at Panasonic unit's Shanghai plant

  By Royston Chan SHANGHAI Aug 6, 2010 (Reuters) - A small number of workers at a Panasonic subsidiary factory in China are on strike, employees and Hong Kong media said on Friday, but most of the plant is operating as usual with little impact on output. The partial walk-out is the latest in a slew of strikes that have hit China's industrial hubs in recent months, as workers demand a bigger slice of profits. It is one of the smaller disturbances so far -- earlier strikes have shut large plants for days at a time -- but it is one of the first reported in the Shanghai area where wages and conditions are generally better than in southern Guangdong province.

Chinese sex workers protest against crackdown

Demonstrators in central Hubei province call for legalisation of prostitution and better treatment of women suspects Tania Branigan in Beijing   A crackdown on China's fast-growing sex industry has prompted a backlash, with sex workers demonstrating for the legalisation of prostitution and an outcry about the treatment of women suspects.   The protest in Wuhan, central Hubei province, is thought to have been the first of its kind in the country. The small group of women asked onlookers to sign a petition calling for an end to discrimination against sex workers and the scrapping of anti-prostitution laws.   "Our society has many problems that are neglected by the public and prostitution is one of them," Ye Haiyan, the activist and sex worker at the forefront of last week's demonstration, said today.

The Atsumitec Strike and the Omron Strike Won Partial Victories

China Labour Net On July 13, 2010, workers at the fully Japan-funded Atsumitec Auto Parts (Foshan) Co. Ltd. in Foshan City of Guangdong went on strike protesting low wages. This was followed by a strike at the Omron auto parts plant in Guangzhou on July 21. Both won substantial wage rises after the strikes.
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