“European Companies Lobbying in China and Chinese Reponses”

“For labor unionists, activists, scholars and advocates who are outside of China -- but deeply interested in what happens inside China -- the process of going beneath the surface of things is very daunting. In the last three decades capitalists have made themselves at home in China and, along with international finance and trade envoys, political representatives and their allies within academia, think tanks, media and public relations, they have burrowed into Chinese government and business elites to powerfully advance their own interests.

During this time, on the labor side however, there has been mostly reluctance, confusion and inability to gain serious traction on the critical issues of market development and labor exploitation, labor standards, labor relations and labor struggles. This report by Globalization Monitor helps correct that deficit by offering a deeply informed and nuanced look at how EU corporate interests – through their lobbying and sophisticated methods of influence – have impacted, and been impacted by -- China’s emergence into the global economy under conditions of state-dominated marketization reform. It offers us a set of invaluable tools, both historical and conceptual, that will strengthen the capacity of labor advocates to keep advancing towards the goal of labor voice, empowerment and a return to egalitarianism within China.”

Ellen D. Friedman
Published by Globalization Monitor Limited
February 2010
ISBN: 978-988-18039-4-8
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