Joint Action Update: Protest against Adidas and its suppliers and support the demands of Indonesian and Chinese workers

October 19, 2012

Globalization monitor joined the action called by the labor groups from the Philippines and Indonesia in Hong Kong to protest against the malpractices of Adidas and its suppliers yesterday. The groups staged the protest at Adidas Hong Kong office and criticized Adidas suppliers in Indonesia and China for mistreating their workers. The groups demanded that Adidas should be responsible for the workers producing for them and Adidas should immediately intervene to solve the plight of workers.

Since July this year, the 1300 Indonesian PDK (Adidas supplier) workers in Jakarta has been on strike demanding for their unpaid wages and better working condition.

However, the company has unilaterally terminated their contracts and intimidated them to receive the compensation for termination. Eventually some workers were forced to resign but the majority (900 workers) still continues to fight for justice until today. The labor groups criticized Adidas for keeping silent and not taking any appropriate actions to support the workers. This shows that Adidas was trying to stay out of scene.

Globalization Monitor (GM) also joined the action and openly criticized Adidas golf club manufacturer in mainland China causing at least 69 workers to suffer from Hand-Arm Vibration disease (HAV) -a nationally recognized occupational diseases in China. Such disease are developed due to the long-term repeatedly use of some vibration tool at high speed at workplace. HAV disease can never be cured. Most of these 69 workers having the HAV have been working at the factory for more than 10 years. They got this occupational disease because they have to repeatedly use grinding tools at work for a long period of time exceeding the national standard. GM and the ATNC Network question Adidas’s role and responsibility in causing such serious occupational disease case. As a brand company, Adidas did not do its job well in monitoring its suppliers and protecting workers’ well being at work. The protest groups think that Adidas should be responsible for the victimized workers.

The action groups chanting slogans and representatives read out their statements supporting workers. In the end, Adidas’ head of Asia, Mr. William Anderson, responded to the groups and promised to respond effectively to the two urgent cases in Indonesia and China and help solving the problems as soon as possible. The action groups announced that they will continue to monitor the cases and take action if workers’ demands are not met.

The action groups urged Adidas' management to response to the cases.

Suggested Action:

Please send a petition letter from the link below to the Adidas group expressing your concern about the 69 workers suffering from HAV disease.