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A Growing International Solidarity Campaign for the Seven Arrested Mainland Labour Activists

  The signature campaign to free the Chinese labour activists detained last month has already been endorsed by 172 organisations, both local and international. 2450 individuals have also endorsed it. We urge human and labour rights supporters to continue to circulate and/or endorse the statement: Free Chinese labour activists now! End suppression of labour organisations. Labour Start has also launched an international appeal.

Pensions dumped into the stock market?

 Kennedy Chan Recently, news about the Chinese government’s plans to invest its national public pension scheme funds into the stock market has triggered a lot of concerns. The stock market turmoil this year has slaughtered a countless number of small investors, thus naturally people are worried that this move may put hundreds of millions of working people’s retirement security at risk. The government’s explanation is that in order to offset the devaluation caused by inflation, they have to appreciate the amount of the fund. Otherwise, there will be huge holes in the future. Moreover, only a small proportion of the fund will be used for purchasing stocks and shares. 

Substitute teachers from nine provinces petition the Ministry of Education

  (Photo: ILABOUR.NET) On September 10th 2015, more than one hundred and thirty private substitute teachers representatives from a total of nine provinces, including Shanxi, Shaanxi, Shandong, Hebei, Anhui, Zhejiang, Liaoning, Hunan and Hubei, collectively petitioned the Ministry of Education in Beijing calling for the implementation of the spirit of document 8 from 2011, which would allow private off-post substitute teachers to be included in the urban enterprise employees social security and health care system. In addition to this, forty teacher representatives from three counties in Jiangxi province also went to the provincial government to petition for their rights. The provincial government representative responded that since it is at the same level in the hierarchy of governmental power as the Ministry of Education, it can therefore simply ignore the document, and also the provincial government does not have the money.

The Effects of the Devaluation of the RMB on Mainland Workers

 Globalization Monitor This article argues that although it is still far from clear how far the devaluation of the RMB has boosted China's exports, the shifting of production away from China continues. Foxconn announced its project of building a 5 billion US dollar plant in India, and more shoe manufacturers have opened factories in South East Asia.  One must also look at how the devaluation of the RMB may affect working people. This could drive up prices of import goods. With China very much integrated into global capitalism, China is importing a whole range of products, from raw materials, minerals, oil to agricultural products -- China is the world's biggest importer of soya beans. The result of more costly imported goods driving up inflation has a direct bearing on working people and nullifies the rise in nominal wages.

Support acting with integrity, reject yellow unions.

 (This is a translation from the Chinese which was originally posted at: 沃尔玛中国员工联谊会的博客) From March 2015, besides the three great beliefs of respect for the individual, the pursuit of excellence and customer service, each of Wal-Mart’s stores in China  began to publicise a fourth great belief, namely to act with integrity. Prior to this, Wal-Mart’s senior management had already spoken about integrity, however they had only required employees to be concerned with integrity, while themselves acting dishonestly towards employees. Regardless of whether it concerns labour management or union elections, they are very dishonest. More than 90% of employees have profound experiences and strong feelings about this.

Chinese Labor Strike: 5,000 Workers Strike At Factory Making Shoes For Nike, Timberland, Kenneth Cole; Police Dogs Deployed

  Angelo Young , IBT March 10 2015 3:32 PM EDT A strike at a Chinese factory that makes shoes for Nike, Timberland, Kenneth Cole and other popular brands grew on Tuesday to about 5,000 workers who are demanding their employer pay its government-mandated monthly housing allowance. Workers for Stella Shoe Co., based in the southern industrial city of Dongguan, began the strike on Sunday and were joined Tuesday by hundreds more Stella employees from another facility.   Stella’s  website  says it makes shoes for the European market and has “sound employees” that “enjoy holiday labor law provisions.” Images posted on Weibo, the Chinese microblogging site, show hundreds of workers wearing orange and blue company uniforms gathered around the factory. Some images depict police forces and K-9 units milling around the striking workers.

Thousands at HP subsidiary in China strike against board chairman nomination

 ZDNet Summary:The world's second-largest network device maker is striking against its parent company HP, demanding more autonomy. By Liu Jiayi | February 3, 2015 -- 23:44 GMT (07:44 GMT+08:00) More than 3,000 employees at the world's second-largest network device maker H3C Technologies Co Limited have continued their strike into its third week against parent company Hewlett-Packard's nomination of a new chairman. The striking employees are demanding the reinstatement of the fired leader of its workers' representative, and their right to have involvement in the company's management and decision-making process. HP plans to pilot its senior manager Mao Yunan inside H3C, repack its profitable network business with HP's struggling server sector, and sell part of H3C to a new owner while maintaining its status as a major shareholder, according to a report from China Economic Daily, published on February 2.

Chinese court hears first lawsuit on gay workplace discrimination

 The Guardian A Chinese court has heard what is believed to be the country’s first lawsuit over gay workplace discrimination. The plaintiff was fired after he was revealed as gay in a viral online video, and his action was heard last week in the southern city of Shenzhen. “We’re very optimistic,” Liu Xiaohu, a lawyer for the plaintiff, said, adding that the case would definitely have an impact on views of gay rights in China.

Urgent Appeal: Stop Violent Assaults on Labour Organisations in China

In December 26, 2014, four unidentified persons entered the Panyu Migrant Workers Documentation Centre (PMWDC). Zeng Feiyang, the head of PMWDC, was assaulted violently. His eyeglasses were broken and there were bruises near his right cheek bone. PMWDC called the police immediately and demanded that the police file a case for investigation. On December 27, 2014, PMWDC issued a statement sternly condemning violence targeting citizens working for workers’ welfare and demanding the police to pursue, investigate and administer justice according to the law. In a few days, over 20 labour organizations in mainland China and more than 2,000 individuals joined in signing the statement.

Wintek Fires More Than Ten Thousand Employees In Mainland China and Taiwan

Wintek was once one of Apple’s main suppliers of touch screens. It got into trouble in 2014 and eventually fired 7000 workers in Dongguan in mid December, followed by 4700 workers in Taiwan. In Dongguan the action led to workers’protest. In Taiwan the Labor Department stepped in to demand the company pay proper severance pay to the workers.  In 2009 labour groups in both Taiwan and Hong Kong staged protests against Wintek for its anti-labor practices in Mainland China and Taiwan. See: Labour groups call on Apple to stop accepting "exploitative" practices of its suppliers
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