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China Sucked Deeper Into World Financial Vortex and Vice Versa, as BRICS Sink Fast

by PATRICK BONDNOVEMBER 27, 2015  On Monday November 30, the Chinese currency – the yuan – will join the dollar, euro, pound and yen as the world’s official reserve currencies, as recommended by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Are we reaching the fabled new era of multipolarity, and will it bring stability to a chaotic world economy – “a win-win result for China and the world,” as the People’s Bank of China claims?

Urgent Statement Regarding Nullification of Reclamation Permit

  On 13 October Okinawa Governor Takeshi Onaga nullified the permit to carry out land reclamation in Oura Bay, granted by the previous Governor Hirokazu Nakaima, explaining that it contains illegalities. We of the Anti-Helicopter Base Council unconditionally support this decision, and more than ever give our full backing to the Governor.   However the Defense Department’s Okinawa Office has begun legal action aimed at having the nullification itself declared illegal.

Jeremy Corbyn's victory means Labour's living dead have been vanquished - and English politics has come to life again

The Independent     The party's most left-wing leader ever understands the key issues on which no compromise is possible Tariq Ali   The ironies of history never fail to surprise. Measured by any criteria, Jeremy Corbyn is the most left-wing leader in the history of the Labour Party. He understands that those who do evil abroad are unlikely to do much good at home.

Counter Summit in St.Petersburg

http://pglobal.org/events/481/  On the 3rd and 4th of September a large scale international Counter Summit, intended as an alternative to the September Summit of the G20, will be held in St Petersburg, Russia. It will take place at the Международный Деловой Центр, nab.reki Smolenki 2.  Organized by the Post Globalization Initiative, the Summit’s ambition is to develop new principles of economic and social policy which are not based on the Washington Consensus. As part of the Summit, world renowned experts, economists, politicians, and social scientists from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas will come together for panel discussions, seminars, and public lectures. 


a counter-summit to the

Inside the Millbank Tower riots

Source: New Statesman   Posted by Laurie Penny - 11 November 2010 11:41 "This is scary but not as scary as what's happening to our future."

Trade unions plan student coalition to fight public spending cuts

Big turnout at student anti-fees protest emboldens TUC leadership to plan wider campaign against government cuts By Matthew Taylor and Adam GabbattSource: guardian.co.uk, Friday 12 November 2010 19.03 GMT

Austerity on steroids

Source: Socialistworker.org  24 Novermber 2010 The economic unraveling of Ireland highlights the severity of the financial crisis--and the increasingly severe government cutbacks that will be used to pay for it.

Pual Krugman: British Fashion Victims

By PAUL KRUGMAN  Source: The New York TimesPublished: October 21, 2010 In the spring of 2010, fiscal austerity became fashionable. I use the term advisedly: the sudden consensus among Very Serious People that everyone must balance budgets now now now wasn’t based on any kind of careful analysis. It was more like a fad, something everyone professed to believe because that was what the in-crowd was saying.
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