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By Yang Ming                                                                                       

Occupy Central on 15th October 2011

Occupy Central on 15th October 2011 The “OccupyWall Street” movement initiated by the American youth, and later joined by manytrade unionists and people from all walks of live, has gained increasingsocial concern and global support. On 15th October 2011, themovement is going to spread to hundreds of cities all over the world. As an Asian financial center, Hong Kong is a key hubfor the accumulation of financial capital. Also, it serves as base for manytransnational financial institutes to carry out exploitation in the Asiancountries. The layoff of 3000 workers by the profitable HSBC is but oneexample.

Anti-Nuclear Demonstrations in Hong Kong

A Hundred Protestors Demand the Immediate Scrapping of all Nuclear Power Yesterday three months after the Japanese earthquake which triggered a nuclear disaster in Fukushima, there were anti-nuclear marches around the world. In Hong Kong there was a march as well, with one hundred protesters. They first assembled in Tsim Sha Tsui to mourn the dead, and then marched at three o’clock. When passing by the post office a representative, on behalf of the alliance Anti-Nuke, posted two letters to Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan respectively, asking them to support the abolition of nuclear power and a nuclear-free zone in Asia.

The Anti-Free Market Real Estate Magnates in Hong Kong

麥德正(左翼21成員)  4月15日「左翼星期四」的題目是「反自由市場的地產財閥」/生)及易汶健(中文大學社會學系研究生)擔任講者,介紹Alice Poon在 2006年出版的《 Land and the Ruling Class in Hong Kong》一書。相信是因為樓價飈升成為熱話的關係,大約四十名聽眾到來,擠滿了序言書室。,由雷永錫(在職社會學人  

A Life Circle Within a 15-minute Distance

李維怡 (重建區義工、社區文化工作者)  自從八十年代香房地產起飛,樓價就開始颷升。公屋都建在新市鎮,叫窮人離開市中心去開荒,到人口發展得差不多,交通網絡發展到一定程度,發展商就在開始在同區建貴價樓,建了貴價樓後,四處又房地產颷升,物價也升起來......如是者,雖然大量低收入戶的工作是在市區,但他們居住的地方卻要離開市區,造成生活的割裂之餘,每天更有大量時間在交通工具中渡過,大大減低了生活中的其他可能性。  

The Games Behind the Giant City and Express Railway

In this article, Lau Yu-fan analyses the relationship betwe

Whose Interest Does a City Serve? ─ ─The Logic of Capital and Urbanization

This feature stems from the anti- Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link movement from the beginning of the year.  Lots of young people went on the street to protest  and the whole of society was shaken. In the name of “development”, real estate developers, with the help of the government, are making huge profits by tearing down affordable housing and replacing it with luxurious apartments. The capitalists are being allowed to exploit the land, as well as the people who live there.


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