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Voices from the Taiwan Youth and Workers: The March 18th Occupation of Parliament In Protest against the Trade Agreement

Au Loong Yu March 20, 2014 Since March 18th, several hundred young students have been occupying the Taiwanese Parliament for more than 36 hours. They have been supported by 20,000 protestors outside the parliament. They are protesting due to the simple idea of defending common people’s livelihoods from the predatory nature of a trade agreement which is not just about the trading of goods but also allows the free flow of capital to Taiwan, and which may result in a further race to the bottom in terms of quality of life across the strait. The protestors also act because of their aspiration for democracy. The totally undemocratic way that the KMT government has handled the bill has driven many into rebellion.

十大青年/學生社團 五一勞動節鬥陣上街

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