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Social work and social justice: a manifesto for a new engaged practice

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Too Big to Fail? Take it Over.

Mark Brenner Billionaire fraudster Bernie Madoff may be behind bars, but his business model is alive and well. How can we keep high-flying bankers from pulling the same kind of bait-and-switch with taxpayers?


李民騏 聯合國政府間氣候變化專門委員會(IPCC)2007年評估報告證實人類活動(通過使用化石燃料和土地開發等方式)確實對工業革命之後的全球暖化負有責任。在現在的經濟和社會趨勢下,世界正步向前所未有的生態災難。1 IPCC所發佈的一些新的證據顯示,氣候變遷越來越快,其潛在影響很可能遠較IPCC報告預期更為糟糕。


We won't pay for the crisis. The rich have to pay for it!Anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist, feminist, environmentalist and socialist alternatives are necessary We the social movements from all over the world came together on the occasion of the 8th World Social Forum in Belém, Amazonia, where the peoples have been resisting attempts to usurp Nature, their lands and their cultures. We are here in Latin America, where over the last decade the social movements and the indigenous movements have joined forces and radically question the capitalist system from their cosmovision. Over the last few years, in Latin America highly radical social struggles have resulted in the overthrow of neoliberal governments and the empowerment of governments that have carried out many positive reforms such as the nationalisation of core sectors of the economy and democratic constitutional reforms.
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