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Lessons of Grangemouth: Scotland held to ransom by a capitalist dictator

Richie Venton Scotland breathed a collective sigh of relief at the eleventh-hour reprieve for the Grangemouth petrochemical plant, Scotland's biggest industrial site. 800 workers had faced unemployment 48 hours earlier, when its owner INEOS had announced its closure and liquidation. Another 550 oil refinery workers and 2,000 contract workers faced the same fate – with all the devastation, poverty and social destitution such  shameless economic vandalism threatened.

Parents of Koroshi victim ask LDP: “Will you let WATANABE stand?

Sunday, July 7, 2013 June 28 the parents of MORI Mina, who killed herself due to overwork at Watami, visited Liberal Democratic Party headquarters to ask party leaders why it was sending a person who intentionally killed their daughter to the parliament. WATANABE Miki, ex-president of the Watami fast-food restaurant chain, is going to stand for the upcoming upper house election from the LDP in the proportional representation constituency. Mori’s father, Takeshi, strongly criticized Mori at the press conference. “Watami’s motto is ‘Work 24 hours a day 365 days a year till your die’. So I can say the company deliberately killed my daughter. They employed her with the intention to kill her and made her work for low wages and said they were not accountable for her death. I should call him a hardened criminal.” When asked what he was going to ask the Party, Mori replied,” I just want to ask ‘Are you really going to run someone like him as a candidate?’.” (MATSUMOTO Chie) 

Do not let the army fool you” – independent union leader speaks out

Sunday 28 July 2013, by Fatma Ramadan

Riots and police violence in Turkey

  The unexpected movement

Migrant Workers Suffer Brunt of Taiwan-Philippines Dispute

European Pressphoto Agency

Savar factory collapse is another corporate tragedy

  A global system of production headed by corporate brands lies behind the latest tragedy in the garment industry, argues Ashok Kumar

Garment Workers Win After Hunger Strike Starts in Front of Walmart Supplier

  Posted on March 1st, 2013

Korea: Public sector union president on indefinite hunger strike
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